About the Clinic

PPAWS Veterinary Clinic is operated from our HQ where we have our consultation and recovery rooms.

The Clinic is staffed by a number of full-time and part-time, fully trained veterinarians who are well supported by further in-house assistants & volunteers
We strive to give our clients and their animals the best and most affordable medical care and treatments that we can, by constantly staying up to date with current medical technology and procedures.  

Monday to Friday:    8am until 6pm
Thursday:                 Late opening until 7pm
Saturday:                  8am until 12pm  (Consultations & Vaccinations only)
Sunday:                    8am until 6pm
Last Saturday          Closed on last Saturday of every month, our Clinic is open in Kampot that day.

Emergency Support is available outside of main Clinic hours.

#189 Street 37, Phnom Penh  -  (close to Street 271 and behind Sonsomkosal Pagoda)
Tel: 084 499 999 / 078 611 289   email:  info@ppaws.com

Pictured are two Veterinarians performing surgery.

Please contact us for full details of all the medical treatments and procedures we are able to provide or, call us and book an appointment for a consultation.

Main Services

  • Vaccinations:                            Rabies, DHPPil, HC/P injections.
  • Worming & Pest treatments:         Full de-Worming courses and Flea & Tick pest treatment and removal.
  • Spay & Neutering:                       Plus Ovariectomy is available for dogs and cats.
  • Hospitalisation & Surgery:          Bone breakages, Stitching for wounds, Dentistry & teeth extraction, post-operative therapy & boarding.
  • Cancer treatment:         Chemotherapy medicine and surgical removal of tumors.  
  • Skin Disorders & Blood work: Treatments for Mange, Blood Serology for Rabies & other checks.

Special Treatments

Unfortunately far too common in Cambodia we often have to perform leg amputations following road accidents.
Treatment for Glaucoma and in certain necessary cases, eye removal in cats & dogs usually from road accidents.
Ethical end of life care for aged and sick pets and, in certain cases,  for badly injured animals who would have no quality of life.