Donations and Fundraising for PPAWS


PPAWS needs your help to fund our animal outreach programs. You can help support our goal to end animal suffering by donating directly, bringing your own animals to our clinic, or participating in our fundraising events. The projects we hope to fund include:

FREE Monday's!

Animal Birth Control & Anti Rabies (ABC/AR) is our latest initiative. By donating, you help support our mission to offer desexing, deworming treatments and  neuter/spay & vaccinate cats & dogs belonging to those that cannot afford to pay for treatment. Doing so will vastly improve the animal health, and will reduce the number of rabies cases in Cambodia. Additionally, the decrease of unwanted animal births will hobble the dog meat trade by limiting animals available for consumption.  

Mobile Veterinary Clinic

One of the biggest challenges we face when working away from the clinic is having access to a clean and sterile area to perform medical  treatments.

At times, an animal will require more intense care and have to be brought to our clinic. This is a costly, time consuming, and stressful experience with our current resources. A Mobile Veterinary Clinic would enable PPAWS to perform necessary medical treatments and surgery onsite, which would eliminate these issues. 


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Desexing animals will improve the quality of life for the individual animal by reducing stress, and the burden of feeding young. 

This will also decrease the population of animals in Phnom Penh, making it easier to feed, and treat the animal population. Even desexing just one stray can make a huge difference. Because female dogs can have litters by the age of 6 months, they can produce anything from 8-12 puppies per pregnancy, and can get pregnant at least twice a year. Even if only half the puppies produced are female, this exponential rate of growth could lead one dog to be responsible for thousands of puppies in just a few years. 

Not only will reducing the number of strays decrease the number of animals at risk for injury, or starvation, but it will also help to decrease the dogs at risk of entering the dog meat trade. 

Catch, Neuter & Release

The monks at Pagodas have a traditional Buddhist duty to care for those that cannot care for themselves and this includes animals. However, with the pagoda’s in and around Phnom Penh facing increasing animal and human populations, this is putting an increasing strain on their limited resources. 

PPAWS visits pagodas to neuter the large populations of stray dogs and cats housed there. By neutering the animals at the Pagoda’s we decrease their load and improve the welfare of the animals. 

Our Missions

Every donation we receive goes a long way in helping the animals of Cambodia. To receive regular updates on our work, please follow our Facebook page. We regularly visit rural areas without access to veterinary care in order to administer much needed vaccinations and spay/neutering surgeries. These efforts help prevent the stray animal population from continuing to rise, and increases their long-term health and happiness.