Donations and Fundraising for PPAWS


We use donations from Animal lovers from Cambodia and around the World along with money we generate from our Veterinary practice to fund our animal outreach programs, but we’re always in need of fundraising to help us help more animals in need. Future fundraising events will be listed here at the top of the page so please check back regularly. Below are some of other the ways you can help us help them.

FREE Monday's!

Animal Birth Control & Anti Rabies (ABC/AR) is our latest initiative. By donating ANY $$ USD amount you can support us neuter/spay & vaccinate Cats & Dogs belonging to those that cannot afford to pay for treatment. Doing so will vastly improve the lives of the animals concerned and, will help reduce the number of Rabies cases in Cambodia too. 

Not only that but with fewer unwanted Dogs, we stand a chance of hurting the terrible dog meat trade! Any Cambodian Business owners that want to help please contact us. For example, we are fortunate that Rubicon Bar & Grill in Phnom Penh hosted a Fundraiser, donating money from their sales proceeds to aid PPAWS achieve our goals of reducing the spiraling numbers of unwanted animal births.

If you would like to donate for this cause, please use “FREE Mondays” as the donation reference.

Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Please donate any amount of $ USD you can towards buying a Van that we will be converted into a Mobile Veterinary Clinic, the first one of its kind in Cambodia!

One of the biggest challenges we face when working with the Monks at the Pagoda’s in the Provinces as well as with other Animal Welfare & Rescue organisations nationwide is having access to a suitable, clean and sterile work area to perform surgery and other medical care treatments.

Not only that but transporting animals from the Pagoda’s to our Clinic is very costly and time consuming and also, quite stressful for the animals concerned. A Mobile Veterinary Clinic would enable PPAWS to perform the medical treatments and surgery onsite, which would be of major benefit to everyone involved in the care of these very poor and disadvantaged animals.

If you would like to donate please use “Mobile Clinic” as the donation reference.

Neuter just "1" Dog

By donating $40 USD you can enable us to neuter just one stray dog and by doing so, you will be potentially saving the lives of thousands of stray dogs.

Not only that but you will be vastly improving the life of the dog, reducing its stress and the burden of feeding puppies when most strays have no regular source of food and have to forage in rubbish to survive. Female dogs can have litters by the age of 6 months, they can produce anything from 8-12 puppies in two months (circa 63 days) from falling pregnant and, can fall pregnant potentially twice per year. 

If you do the maths, if only half the puppies produced are female, that means 1,000’s of dogs could be born in barely a few years. Your donation will also hopefully help reduce the number of strays on the roads causing accidents and, it will hopefully start to put an end to the Dog meat trade in Cambodia too.

If you would like to donate for this cause, please use “Just 1 Dog” as the donation reference.

Catch, Neuter & Release

With a donation of $500 USD you can sponsor us to conduct a special mission with an individual Pagoda to en-masse neuter the majority of stray cats and dogs there.

The Monks at Pagoda’s have a traditional Buddhist duty to care for those that cannot care for themselves and this includes animals, not just people. With the Pagoda’s in and around Phnom Penh facing increasing pressure as a result of the numbers of people coming to the City from the Provinces, and who then rely on the Pagoda’s for support. 

This is putting an increasing strain on their limited resources. By neutering the animals at the Pagoda’s we are directly helping the and improving the welfare of the animals and also, helping to reduce the burden they add to the Monks and this form of social service they provide.

If you would like to donate please state “Catch, Neuter & Release” on the donation reference.

Our Missions

Every donation we receive goes a long way in helping the animals of Cambodia. To see the type of work that we undertake, please visit out our missions page, and also our Facebook page. We regularly visit areas where there is nobody to help take care of the animals living there to administer much needed vaccinations and to provide spay/neutering surgeries. These efforts help prevent stray/feral animal populations getting out of control (many animals starve to death), and also helps with their long-term health and happiness.

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