About Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society

What we do

Our primary objective is to improve the Welfare of Animals in Cambodia. We use donations from Animal lovers from Cambodia and around the World along with money we generate from our Veterinary practice to fund achieving this challenging goal, focusing on …

Working with Pagodas

We work with the monks in many of the country's pagodas, supporting them in their traditional role; caring for stray or abandoned animals who cannot care for themselves.

Spay and Neutering of Strays

We advocate and perform the de-sexing of animals as a key way to fight over-population of stray, homeless cats and dogs, helping to reduce unnecessary animal suffering and, accidents.

Finding homes for animals that need extra care

We are not a rescue center however, certain animals with serious conditions require special veterinary care which we give, and then try to find a foster home and hopefully, adoption.

Educate about Animal Welfare & responsible Pet ownership

We attend pagodas, schools, universities and many other events and forums to try to teach that responsible pet ownership means giving animals proper care and, commitment.

What we Offer

Veterinary Services

We have a number of full time vets who provide quality and very affordable care for your pets no matter what they may need.

Animal Welfare Guidance

Training is a key part of what we do; we welcome opportunities to attend school events to pass this knowledge on to the students.

Animal Welfare Missions

Working with animal lovers and other Animal Rescue groups throughout Cambodia, we undertake special missions to provide medical care.

Our History

Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society (PPAWS) was founded by an English lady, a teacher by profession called Nicola Scales….

… and all from a desire to make a difference to the challenging lives and conditions facing animals in Cambodia.

Armed with this strong wish to try to make tangible improvements in the welfare of animals, Nicola founded PPAWS in 2011 in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. With the help of many Khmer and expatriate animal lovers, all with a common wish to try to improve the lives of animals and, in particular, the many homeless and stray cats and dogs in Phnom Penh, the organisation started. Focusing on providing medical care to improve the well-being of animals wherever they could they also started trying to educate people on responsible pet ownership and, welfare.

Since those early days, PPAWS has become a near household name in Cambodia for anyone concerned with Animal Welfare. Due to the success of Nicola and the PPAWS team including Chamnan Nou, Kea Neak and Heang Bun, PPAWS is no longer just focused on Phnom Penh. Now, they run missions countrywide working with other like-minded Animal Welfare and Animal Rescue organisations as well as, individual Animal lovers all trying to make a difference.

In 2019, PPAWS opened a second clinic in the southern Province of Kampot, providing veterinary services to the region. In the past, PPAWS visited the area once a month to run a pop up clinic in Kampot town and house visits in the Kep area. Now the new clinic serves as a southern Cambodian base for PPAWS community missions in that region, as well as much needed veterinary services for pet owners.