Rescue Dogs in Need

Loving Forever Homes Needed

PPAWS has animals in need of good homes. They can be abandoned, strays or sometimes, animals that have challenging conditions and who really need dedicated people willing to look after them. 

Also, if you cannot adopt any of the animals we often have available at our Clinic, we always need people that are willing to Foster a cat or a dog until such time as a permanent home can be found. If you are interested in being a Foster for us please let us know as we always need new volunteers.

We update our website regularly but to see our most up to date list of dogs available for adoption please visit our clinic or give us a call.

Meet Our Rescue Dogs

 PUPPIES: Our puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas and are tested and certified by our veterinarian immediately before picking up or delivering.  Before you leave with your pup we require you to schedule an appt for their spaying.  This is a requirement for all of our adopted animals.


Quinn was rescued by an animal lover and PPAWS from Koh Kong. Quinn is a very talkative sweet older lady, looking for a quiet home to retire in. Quinn’s ideal home would have a comfortable outside shelter. Quinn is PPAWS oldest and longest resident

Medical Status

Quinn’s rear legs were amputated for her quality of life, but it doesn’t stop her ruling the playground. Quinn’s condition means she can not choose when she goes to the toilet, but is healthy otherwise.

Interested in Adopting Quinn?


Bot was rescued by an animal lover from Chopus Wan High School. Bot is an adult dog who has been at PPAWS for a long time, he is gentle and loyal and a very relaxed dog for the less active owner. Bot’s ideal home would have a comfortable outside shelter.

Medical Status

Bot’s condition means he can not choose when he goes to the toilet, but is healthy otherwise.

Interested in Adopting Bot?


Skip was rescued from a Pagoda in Phnom Penh where he lived with the Monks, now he is wanting his very own home to hop and slide around in! Skip’s ideal home would have a nice grassy area for Skip to enjoy and roll around on.

Medical Status

Skip’s front legs were deformed at birth and uses his back legs to move around, he is very healthy otherwise.

Interested in Adopting Skip?


Jake was rescued by an animal welfare group and brought to PPAWS where his badly broken leg has healed and is learning the confidence to be a pet. Jake is a medium size dog and is quite shy.

Medical Status

Jake is desexed vaccinated and dewormed

Interested in Adopting Jake?


Alok is under 2 years old and a very sweet and quiet female dog. She was born almost blind but can get around quite well and loves playing with water. She is a large dog so we feel she would be suited to a home with a fenced yard to keep her safe and for exercise.

Medical Status

Alok is desexed, vaccinated and treated for Worms/ Fleas and Ticks

Interested in Adopting Alok?