Veterinary Services

About the Veterinary Clinic

PPAWS Veterinary Clinic is operated from our HQ where we have our consultation and recovery rooms.

The Clinic is staffed by a number of full-time and part-time, fully trained veterinarians who are well supported by further in-house assistants & volunteers. We strive to give our clients and their animals the best and most affordable medical care and treatments that we can, by constantly staying up to date with current medical technology and procedures.

Main Veterinary Services

Please contact us for full details of all the medical treatments and procedures we are able to provide or, call us and book an appointment for a consultation.

Rabies, DHPPil, HC/P injections.
Hospitalisation & Surgery

Bone breakages, Stitching for wounds, Dentistry & teeth extraction, post-operative therapy & boarding.

Spay & Neutering

Plus Ovariectomy is available for dogs and cats.

Worming & Pest treatments

Full de-Worming courses and Flea & Tick pest treatment and removal.

Cancer Treatment
Chemotherapy medicine and surgical removal of tumors.
Skin Disorders & Blood work

Treatments for Mange, Blood Serology for Rabies & other checks.

Additional Special treatment options


Unfortunately far too common in Cambodia we often have to perform leg amputations following road accidents.

Eye Surgery

Treatment for Glaucoma and in certain necessary cases, eye removal in cats & dogs usually from road accidents.

Ethical end of life care for aged and sick pets and, in certain cases,  for badly injured animals who would have no quality of life.

Animal Welfare Tips

Cat tip #1
Help your cat by giving it a calm environment to live in. Doing so will help your cats health as stressed or insecure cats can potentially become unwell. If you notice any change in your cats behaviour it could be an early warning sign that they may not be well and you should have them checked out by a vet.
Cat tip #2
To protect against unwanted pregnancy, female cats should be spayed. This can be done from four months old and will benefit both you and the cat. As a responsible pet owner you should also neuter male cats too. This will stop them spraying in the house and, help with their health too, potentially stopping him catch any nasty illness or injuries fighting over mates. Importanty, it will also help reduce pregnancies in other cats.
Cat tip #3
Grooming is an essential tool in that it not only helps with their good hygiene and appearance but it also allows you to potentially catch early signs of illness. One of the main health issues cats face are lumps and growths and grooming them will allow you to find anything sooner rather than later.
Dog tip #1

Dogs should receive at a minimum an annual health check-up. It is important to maintain and keep their vaccinations current and, perform other treatments such as de-worming and, parasite treatments for things like ticks and fleas. Remember, regular washing is important and cleaning of their ears. Preventative treatments like this will help maintain your dogs good health and, importantly, will help keep costs in check too.

Dog tip #2
Individual dogs and breeds show their pain and suffering in different ways. If you notice a change in your dog or, a dog you know’s behaviour, it can be an early sign of pain or illness. It is always better be safe than sorry so please, contact us to arrange for a checkout by one of our vets. We can do home visits too if necessary. 
Dog tip #3

Unless you are planning on breeding your dog it is recommended that you should get your dog neutered. This is a kindness and for their best health and welfare. If you have any doubts or questions on this please call us. We would be pleased to advise what is best for your dog especially if you are considering breeding as it is critical to ensure the particular dog is well positioned to do so and, that you know what is involved too.