Meet the Team

The PPAWS Team

Dr. Kea

Senior Vet

My name is Dr. Kea. I am the lead Veterinarian at PPAWS. I have been working for PPAWS 4 years. I love animals so much, I would do anything to help them.

Dr. Veasna


My name is Veasna. I’ve been a Vet at PPAWS since February 2017. I have my Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine. I am happy to help the animals whenever they need my help.


Junior/Trainee Vet

I am a junior vet. I am currently working towards my bachelors of veterinary medicine. Before I was volunteering at PPAWS, and now it is my career. Helping animals is what I love to do.


Vet Support and Maintenance

I have been working for PPAWS since the inception of the organiation. So far, I have been very proud of my work because I love animals, and taking care of them everyday is not just my hobby but it makes me very deeply connected to them.

Heang Bun

Finance & Business Manager

As a Finance and Business Manager, I have the responsibility to ensure proper financial management and costs, to enure that all donations are delivered in a targeted manner and to communicate with other partners and sponsorship. PPAWS is not just a working place but a place that gives me a great opportunity to help improve animal welfare which I believe animals deserve a chance to live and to be loved.