Vet Train with Vets Beyond Borders

Vets Beyond Borders have been a longstanding partner of PPAWS. We regularly receive volunteer Vet students doing their placement with us, as well as Vet Nurses and Vet surgeons who come to PPAWS for several weeks to volunteer their skills to help with our work.

Last November, we were lucky enough to host VetTrain, a training by Vets Beyond Borders. The VetTrain Program was launched by Vets Beyond Borders in 2009. Since that time, hundreds of veterinarians, veterinary nurses and humane animal handlers have completed VetTrain courses around the word.

The VetTrain model is now widely respected and acknowledged as being the most successful training initiative of its kind in India. VBB is positioned to offer training in a range of clinical topics of relevance to veterinary personnel working with animal welfare projects around the globe.

A VetTrain team visited Phnom Penh in November 2018, providing postgraduate instruction to an enthusiastic group of veterinarians working with a range of animal welfare organizations in Cambodia.
VBB’s team of volunteer veterinarians travelled to Cambodia for two weeks, providing instruction on clinical techniques in aspects of small animal anaesthesia, surgery, internal medicine and diagnostic imaging to local veterinarians working to improve the welfare of animals in Cambodia.

15 vets from 7 organizations were trained by the VBB trainers; Dr Gordon, Dr Luke and Dr Grace.

PPAWS is joined by vets from: –

– Cambodia Pony Welfare Organization (CPWO)
– Agronomes et Vétérinaires sans frontières (AVSF)
– Animal Rescue Cambodia (ARC)
– Animal Mama (AM)
– Forestry Administration (FA)
– Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC)
– Wildlife Alliance (WA).

It was an intense two weeks of training with both theoretical lectures, and practical experience at PPAWS Clinic, looking at some of our animal cases relating to the topics the participants were learning. The VBB Vets even taught the participants how to conduct a complicated eye surgery to fix an eye problem which is hugely prevalent in many of the cats in Cambodia.

It was a fantastic two weeks of new knowledge and skills gained and a sense of comradery between all the animal welfare organizations in Phnom Penh working together!