Koh Kong & Province Jan 2017

Mid January 2017 the PPAWS Veterinary team along with a group of visiting Australian Vets and Nurses organised a five day and four night trip to the Town of Koh Kong and surrounding province areas.

This was the first of two joint charitable missions to work with the local Khmers, Monks in the Pagoda’s as well as, other concerned animal lovers in Koh Kong and surrounds.

The pictures below show the two Veterinary teams along with numerous volunteers and helpers working in quite challenging conditions to treat the cats and dogs in these locations. The teams completed over a dozen spays of both cats and dogs, similar numbers of castrations and in excess of 30 animals were vaccinated.

One poor young dog needing both back legs to be amputated and two abandoned puppies were also rescued. Happily the puppies have now been re-homed and the young amputee is undergoing a number of months or surgery and rehabilitation at PPAWS clinic.

Our thanks go out to the Australian Veterinary and Nursing team put together and organised by Toni and Kay. We are extremely grateful to them for working with PPAWS and for sharing their immense knowledge, expertise and importantly, their time. As many of the pictures show, it was also a very good opportunity to educate the young who witnessed much of the work undertaken, and we thank everyone who participated for caring to do so.