Sihanoukville & Koh Rong Island Jan 2017

In January 2017 the PPAWS Veterinary team and volunteers and a group of visiting Australian Vets and Nurses organised and went on a four day and three night trip to Sihanoukville and acros to Koh Rong Island.

This was a charitable mission to work with the Pagoda’s in Sihanoukville and directly with concerned animal lovers on Koh Rong. The pictures below show the Veterinary teams and their helpers working in some challenging and difficult conditions to help the cats and dogs in these locations.

In total, 15 cats and 8 dogs were spayed, 7 cats and 4 dogs were castrated and over 50 animals were vaccinated and given rabies shots as well as being treated for various ailments including one sick young dog suffering with parvovirus.

A very big thank you from everyone at PPAWS to Dr. Bronwenand Dr. Giada as well as Nurse Kay and her daughter Emily for working with PPAWS and for graciously sharing their knowledge, expertise and importantly, their time.  Thanks too to everyone that supported this mission on Koh Rong providing a place to work and stay free of charge to the Veterinary teams.